Lower Elementary Curriculum


Our Lower Elementary program (Grades 1-3) consists of two, multi-aged classrooms, the Eaglets and the Saplings. Each class has no more than 28 students, with a lead teacher and assistant teacher.

In Lower Elementary, students have reached a period of intellectual exploration: they are curious and enthusiastic about knowing the world around them. Teachers act as “guides,” introducing children to new concepts in individual or small group lessons, according to students' current interests and abilities.

Following the Montessori method, curriculum is not grade-specific, but is tailored to the readiness of each child. Teachers and students work together to create individualized work plans for each child, to ensure they have both breadth and depth to their studies. With these guides, students choose their own work and move freely about the classroom.

While we do adhere to Common Core standards, our students are not limited to grade level expectations. For example, a first grade student who has a facility in math may be presented lessons at a second or third grade level; at the same time, students who need more time to conquer a subject have the flexibility to pursue it until mastery.