physical education


As with the rest of the MVCS curriculum, physical education is often integrated into our intellectual studies. This holistic approach, where we seek to educate and develop the whole child (intellectual, physical, social-emotional), leads to greater growth of the individual overall. Our students are often in motion, even inside the classroom, where they are free to move about as they choose their works and pursue their interests.

While safety is always our first concern, we encourage students to fully explore the outdoors as well. This includes fort building, tree climbing, sliding on snow and ice, playing with rocks and sticks, building fires, and jumping over (and sometimes into) our stream! We find that these physical, hands-on activities prompt students to ask questions and think critically about their surroundings. For example, we frequently talk to our students about the differences between appropriate risks and unnecessary risks in various settings and activities. This approach gives children opportunities to develop awareness and problem solving skills in their outdoor settings.

sports and games

In addition to daily outdoor excursions, we also have dedicated times when we engage students in group sports and games. The expansive field along the Baker River provides an open, and quite picturesque, area for the students to run around and participate in a variety of activities, from snowshoeing races to kickball. Not only do these games provide physical exercise, they are also essential to developing cooperative and team building skills, creating a sense of community among the students.

While we do not have organized sports teams at MVCS thus far, students can elect to participate on their local elementary school sports teams.


Yoga and mindfulness

In the classroom, we often engage our students in Yoga and mindfulness practices. We find that these activities make the students more receptive to classroom work and provides a sense of comfort in the class.

winter program

In January and February, MVCS has a Winter Program, where students can participate in a variety of outdoor winter sports.