Kirsten Thomas, parent of Charlie, Lower Elementary MVCS

"I am a parent and donor to MVCS...[this school] is right in all the right ways. It developed out of a sheer passion and urgency of parents coming together to create a school that was nature-based, Montessori-based and most unbelievably, tuition-free.

There is no other motive or intent at this school, from staff or parents, than to provide a safe, positive, and flexible learning environment for all the different ways children learn and listen and move and grow.

I am thrilled with MVCS and so is my child... MVCS, with its warm, sweet smelling, peaceful and stimulating classrooms is a dream come true for this mother.  Unique and wonderful in every way."

Kirsten and her family.

Kirsten and her family.

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Jacque Little, parent of two Lower Elementary MVCS students

"Our children go to school and have an experience in the classroom at MVCS that is not replicated anywhere else in any public or private school... [The Montessori approach] gives them an opportunity to own their education, find their passions, and be supported in areas of their choice. Children are naturally curious and MVCS keeps that love of learning alive.

The teachers seamlessly weave fundamentally important skills into their daily lives. Skills such as kindness, respect, grace, and gratitude are taught regularly in regards to human relationship as well as our relationship to the outdoors, nature, and the Earth we in habit... 

For 5 full days a week, my children are loved, cared for, challenged, encouraged, and supported in personal and educational growth . I don’t pay any tuition for this spectacular and unique education. When MVCS needs financial support to purchase pens, pencils, maps, books, or any other supplies, I give. I can’t think of a reason I shouldn’t give."