The Great Lessons

The Great Lessons are an important and unique part of the Montessori curriculum, proving a captivating and integrated introduction to the full spectrum of Lower Elementary subjects. The Great Lessons are designed to awaken a child's imagination and curiosity and are presented every year in Lower El. This annual repetition allows students to accumulate different levels of knowledge as they grow and develop over the school years. The Great Lessons are large, awe-inspiring concepts about the natural and human world, which students then learn to connect with smaller topics. For example, in the first Great Lesson, students learn about the origins of the universe, which leads to studies of the solar system, planets, land forms, geography, and so on. 

  • The First Great Lesson: Coming of the Universe and the Earth.
  • The Second Great Lesson: Coming of Life
  • The Third Great Lesson: Coming of Human Beings
  • The Fourth Great Lesson: Communication in Signs, the story of writing
  • The Fifth Great Lesson: The Story of Numbers