River Keepers


At MVCS, we teach about the integrated relationship of land, water, and the living ecosystems: rain, snow, soil, plants, animals, and people are all part of an interdependent natural system. We are fortunate to have a number of distinct ecologies on our campus, including mountain woodlands, streams, river, marsh, and field. Each unique landscape presents opportunities to ask novel questions and explore the variety of ways organisms live together amidst different natural environments.

As part of the Pemi-Baker watershed, students investigate our stream and river ecosystems to assess their water quality and overall health. Seasonal shifts teach students how these landscapes change throughout the year and enable students to develop a deep understanding of the life cycles of plants and animals in the watershed. These habitats also provide sensitive markers of air quality and extreme weather events; recording and documenting different elements of the ecosystem teach students how climate change affects these balanced habitats.