School Service

 At Mountain Village Charter School we cherish our families. From organizing winter gear swaps, to decorating for our annual Winter Solstice Performance, to visiting the classrooms on Family Fridays, to ice skating with Winter Program, their commitment to our mission is critical to the school’s success. 

Not only does volunteering at MVCS benefit our teachers and students, it strengthens our school community, bringing our families together in meaningful ways and building relationships that often carry on outside of school functions. For this reason, we ask that all families contribute at least 10 volunteer hours (per child enrolled) each school year.

school service days

Three times per year, we hold School Service Work Days: in the late summer, prior to the start of school; in the late fall; and in the spring. All families are expected to participate in as many of these weekend workdays as possible. Pooling our efforts during critical times of the year enables us to maintain our trails, winterize our windows to cut down on heat loss, rejuvenate our gardens, build bridges between outdoor classrooms, and to perform many other necessary tasks, indoors and out.

In addition to providing an essential service to the school, these work days provide an opportunity for children to participate in a community act, teaching them the value and power of their own work. Whether they are weeding the garden, building a bookshelf, or pruning back branches along trails, they become invested in their schoolyard landscape.

classroom cleaning

Our classroom are special places, where our children work, play, learn, and make friends. Every activity or book has its own place, so the students learn to maintain an ordered space. Peaceful and orderly, our classrooms provide a calm and focused space for learning.

Like a well-loved and well-used room in your home, our classrooms require weekly cleanings. We ask our families to help us maintain these important learning spaces by cleaning the classrooms on weekends. Each family is responsible for cleaning their children's classrooms twice a year. Cleaning supplies and a checklist of "to do" items are provided. We find that this system instills a sense of respect and responsibility in our students, as well as creates concrete connections between our families and the school: families get a chance to explore and "know" the classrooms intimately.

Family Cleaning Schedule