The First Annual Baker River Regatta was a HUGE success! With 58 boats and well over 100 paddlers, we are thrilled with the response of our community! Stay tuned for official results and photos over the next few days. THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers, and congratulations to all the folks who came out today - you can say "I was there at the FIRST Baker River Regatta!!"

official race results

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BAKER RIVER REGATTA 2018 photo gallery

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The Mountain Village Charter School presents the FIRST Baker River Regatta – the Baker River Valley’s first and only paddle sports race and fun event on May 5th, 2018. With classes and categories for all kinds of craft and all kinds of participants it is a fun and welcoming way to greet spring on the Baker River!

The regatta course runs from Smith Bridge to the Plymouth Amphitheater and Rotary Park. This section of the river is smooth and quick, without rapids or portages, an enjoyable and non-technical section of river that is accessible to all abilities of paddler.

See the Novice, Expert, and Specialty category descriptions below!


9 - 10:30am- Registration  

10:30am- Mandatory Paddler's Meeting

11am- Start of First Race


eight-week training program

Novice category classes are for individuals/teams who have never won a canoe/kayak race. Boats in these classes must be recreational, not designed specifically for racing. For all classes except “Unlimited” boat length may not exceed 18’6”. 

 Free novice clinics click here

Expert category classes are for experienced racers, or those wishing to utilize race-specific watercraft. Flatwater racing boats adhering to current USCA rules, and downriver racing boats adhering to ACA rules are welcome. Recreational craft are also allowed. 

The two free specialty classes are open to all participants already registered in another category.